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Snowmobile Trail Conditions

These are the snowmobile trail conditions as of Thursday, February 1, 2018. Information provided by Neil Hill with the Straits Area Snowmobile Club.  Visit their website at: to join their forum/blog.  Neil will post pictures of the trail from time to time; join their blog so you can see them!


Short and sweet.

Trails are in very good condition. Snow is quite thin on the grade from Castle Rock Road, North to Moran. And they have plowed Castle Rock Road, so it is kinda icy. Everything else is several inches of packed over ice base.

Groomers are running every couple of days to knock down the stutter bumps.

Weather has a little warm-up on Wednesday, and then back to cold, with no major snow on the horizon. Trails will be fine.

Pond Hockey: All the rinks are made, the beer is being shipped in, and most of the hotel rooms are booked. Should be a busy weekend around St. Ignace.

Mackinac Island: Ice bridge treeline is up. Some sleds are crossing. Check ice conditions before crossing at your own risk. AND Mackinac Island instituted a fee to ride your sled on the island several years ago, but there has not been an ice bridge since. I have heard they are collecting, and no I don't have any other details.

Again, a big thanks to those who are covering for me in my absence.