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Snowmobile Trail Conditions

These are the snowmobile trail conditions as of December 14, 2017. Information provided by Neil Hill with the Straits Area Snowmobile Club.  Visit their website at: to join their forum/blog.  Neil will post pictures of the trail from time to time; join their blog so you can see them!


Things are really looking decent for early season around here. Yesterday's forecast of sun all day was true up North, but it snowed all day in St. Ignace, and we picked up another easy 2". We have around 6-8" of snow on the ground now, and somewhere around that North of here too. Today was the first day I have seen ice on the big lake, with the bay covered all the way across. (Boy it would be nice to have Pond Hockey on the bay again!) 

The snow is nice, but not great for our purposes as it has very low moisture and will pack to nothing in a heartbeat. The forecast is for the next few days being a little snow, and a slight warmup into the 32-34 range. That is something we can work with to get some moisture in the snow and then we can start work on packing it down. Following that it is supposed to get cold again end of next week and that should start driving the frost into the ground.

So, if everything holds, right now I am thinking of a panning run early next week and then we will look at the conditions and should be ready for a big dumping if Mother Nature will work on my Christmas present. It would be good to have a usable Christmas to New Year’s week for a change.