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Snowmobile Trail Conditions

These are the snowmobile trail conditions as of February 20, 2017. Information provided by Neil Hill with the Straits Area Snowmobile Club.  Visit their website at: to join their forum/blog.  Neil will post pictures of the trail from time to time; join their blog so you can see them!


Well, what to say? It is still above freezing - 3rd day in a row, and another 4 more to go at least - with at least one day of rain in there.

Trails South of Cedarville connector (#47 East) are done. Woods are probably still decent, with water and slush puddles. But getting into towns are toast, and there is grass in my front yard already.

It is supposed to get colder on Friday, and they are talking some sort of a storm - maybe rain - maybe snow/sleet.

Start praying for teh March storm, as I believe we are done grooming until it looks like we will be getting more snow.