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Social Media Marketing Workshop

Location: Little Bear East Event Center, 275 Marquette Street

This workshop will provide an overview of social media marketing and social media advertising.

  • Define Your Social Media Purpose
  • Understand Social Media Strategy
  • Learn How to Effectively and Affordably Advertise Online
  • Tools, Tips, and Tricks

About the Presenter

Jason Marshall is a trainer, coach, speaker, and entrepreneur.  He has provided training, coaching, and speaking services to businesses, municipal governments, and non-profits throughout Kentucky, Ohio, New York, North Carolina, and Tennessee.  Additionally, through a strategic partnership with CrowdSouth Marketing, he has project managed marketing campaigns, TV and Radio commercials, and social media marketing for dozens of clients ranging in size from small non-profit to $500M annual revenue businesses.

To read more about this workshop, or to register, click here!